Friday, December 4, 2009

Fantastic Quiz..

1)Which teenNick family is your family..??

Sav and Alli's family from Degrassi
Like the Bhandaris, your family is very traditional, but you have a rebellious side. Your parents would probably love to plan out every detail of your life -- from choosing your college to choosing your future spouse. If you're anything like Sav and Alli, you react to your parents' overbearing ways by making your own decisions as often as possible. You'll date who you want, wear what you want, and do your best to stay strong through every parental clash that comes your way.

2)Which decade were you meant for...??

The '50s
Modern life in America really took off in the '50s. Electric appliances made everyone's lives easier. And stuff like cars, television, and phones were a normal part of life. Even as everyone was excited about the new developments though, there was still a public emphasis on proper behavior and courtesy. We think you could probably appreciate that.

3)How girly are you..??

You're somewhat girly.
You're into girly stuff, but you probably wouldn't label yourself "girly," because you like lots of not-so-girly stuff, too. The great thing about this middle category is that you can blend in with either group (the girlies, and the not-so-girlies) without feeling out of place. Your friends know they can call you with last minute plans, because you don't need hours to get ready to go. You might wear nail polish, but you don't freak out if it gets a little chipped. Most of the time, you're relaxed about your looks, but you girl it up on special occasions.

4)Which style star are you...??
You're Jessica Alba!
Like Jessica Alba at the Fantastic Four premiere, you command attention in dresses that make you look (and feel) like a goddess. That flowy, low-cut style may have been around for thousands of years, but on Jessica, it feels up-to-date and sexy -- and we think it would do the same on you. Even if Jessica's golden gown isn't exactly your kind of thing, you probably appreciate the powerful, glamorous image it conveys. You may not be royalty, but when you talk, people listen... especially when you're talking about fashion.

5)Are you indie or hollywood..??

You're a little bit indie, a little bit Hollywood.
You're like an indie film that gets picked up by a big distributor because it has mass appeal. You appreciate the weird and unusual things in life, and strangers find you intriguing. You're different, but not in a way that freaks people out. You realize it's possible to be creative and make money, even if it that occasionally means adapting your original vision.

6)Which TeenNick guy is your dream date..??

Can you even imagine going out with Degrassi's Jimmy? Not only is he the kind of guy your girl friends would drool over and your guy friends would like to hang with, but your family would even love it when he came over for dinner. That's not an easy combo to pull off, but Jimmy somehow manages.

7)How rebellious are you..??

You have rebellious thoughts, but you tend to keep them in your head. You love that voting booths are private, because you like expressing how you feel without having to explain those feelings to other people. You sometimes go along with the crowd rather than stirring up trouble, but that doesn't mean you necessarily agree with what they say. When you're angry or frustrated, you tend to whisper your feelings to a rebellious friend in the hopes that he/she will feel the same and get the message out.

8)who were you in past life...??

You might've been a schoolgirl in Salem.
If you feel pressure to act a certain way, and you're reluctant to get close to people, it might mean that in a past life, you were a schoolgirl in Salem, Massachusetts. During the 1600s, a random accusation was a very powerful thing, and could even get someone burned at the stake for witchcraft. In this life, you seem very cautious about trusting people -- are you worried they'll turn against you later? Don't let your past-life self hold you back. Put that worried little girl to bed, and be glad you grew up in modern times.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Now.I know the truth..

Its very sad day when people always thought they're right..
Very2 sad..
Fyi,your comment I am very appreciated because this show you concerned what I wrote..
But I beg you pleaselah..
If your somebody that I can meet daily..
Tell me face to face..
I more appreciated it than you write behind my back..
Oh you know,As a human, I also have a feeling..
and I admited I was touched not because you took her from me..
(I know I the one who wrote it)
Like I'm say the date when I post it was expired..
Now,I know,why people acted like that..
Selepas fikir masak2, its her choice..
Like I said,this is my blog and you must have not read the description
(the blog is about what I feel,what I wanted and my experience)
and please I dont want to argue cause I know thats no point to argue about it..
Actually, I sad with myself..
cause I feel like why I wanted to be friend with her so much and why I can enjoyed with what I have..
Adakah ini balasan sebab aku x hargai apa yang aku ada sebelum ini..
Now,I got the redeem..
Fyi,that post I wrote when I feel very dissapointed..
Nak luahkan juga tapi tak tahu nak luahkan dimana..
dan I dont have intended to publish it actually..
But ada kebaikanya juga kini saya tahu kebenaranya..
Lama kelamaan juga sayadapat rasa,Hazirah please dont feel her special 2 you..
I always never get the friend I wanted..
No wonder lah she treated me like this..
If you want to take her,now you can have her..
Maybe its my false tuduh yang bukan2..
And fyi,I know you dah berbaik dengan dia..
cuma tak tulis sahaja..
and I dont care if you showed the relationship or not!!!!!!!I truly dont care...

And for the other guy,Hey!!!!!!!!!You tought I dont know who are you..
HEy!!!!!Pleaselah..Like I said I appreciated you comment..
but you must know how to behave properly...
apa kau tak belajar sivik di sekolahke..??
sibuk2 masuk blog orang lain nak belasah orang sesuka hati jer..
Aku bukan sibuk hal engkau..nak tahu hal engkau ..
yeww..engkau x termasuk dalam senarai aku pun..
suka2 je nak mencarut kat orang lain..
Hey!!!!!This is a storylah....or my comment..
x ingin pun cerita pasal engkau...
I wrote because theyre my classmate..
dahlah x ada sivik,manners pun x ade..pengecut lagi2...
eh,aku x takutlah dengan engkau...

Fyi,Saya x berniatpun nak laga2 kan siapa..pihak sesiapa..baik shud mahupun haziqah ataupun hanan...
you're my friend and if you dont want friendship what can I say

the exhausted,fabulous day..

23 november 2009..Monday

At that night,ck.lina slept with us....
Berborak macam2 lah dengan cikgu..lps 2 cikgu lina beritahu kamilah kenapa dia tak nak tido
sekali dengan cikgu2 lain..
I'm very pity with Hanan dan Najeya but they said fine..*oklah..
In the morning,someone knocked our room loudly..
Masing2 terus terbangun..
Macam nak roboh rasanya tempat itu..
Sesudah semuanya selesai menunaikan solat subuh..we all went to the beach
Take the fresh air with our teacher *again
CiKgu Lina ajak mandi sekali tapi tiba2 mood nak mandi 2 x ade..

Tiba2 nampak ck. ros dan Hanan sedang berjalan2 ..
I wanted to join them but...*its ok
Saya nampak Shud dan adiknya sedang berjalan ke arah saya ..
Kamipun tawaf lah sampai ke hujung pulau sebelah kanan..
Main buaian,menjerit macam tarzan..Ik its little bit embrassing..
But nobody saw us..(except our friends)..
Tengah seronok bermain2,hasif dan aswad melintas..
I like"OM G"..

Me and Shud..

Kira2 pukul 10 pagi,diorang ajak snorkling sekali...
tapi bayaran snorkling hari ini adalah lebih murah..
Owh,memang rasa menyesal sebab x dengar cakap ..]
Snorkling hari Ahad bukanlah x best,but I dont see fish clearly..
In addition,the weather is so bad and something happened that irritated my eyes..
At the first,ck.Ros doesnt allow all of us to go..
Like always,she worried the coral will hurt us..Because the sea water is shallow..
But I want,I rode the boat with my friend and teacher..
Laju sungguh sampai tangan boleh menyentuh air..
Snorkling kali ke dua memang seronok..
Cuaca yang cerah dan laut yang tenang..
I enjoy very much today..
Mula2 snorkling seorang diri..
Tiba2 tengah menyelam terserempak dengan sir Sam..*he's very supporting
Ada satu kumpulan orang cina yang hendak menyelam berhampiran dengan kitaorang...
Some of the guy in that group threw the bread to the other girl..
She yelling at that boys" I told you I dont like the fish"..
Haha..Whats the point snorkling if she afraid of fish..
Sir Sam feed the group of fish in front of me..
Suddenly,many fishes came to us..
They're very beautiful..
I wanted to touch them but they always ran..
Huhu..haziq dengan baiknya berkata"muka kau tu garang sangat patutlah ikan lari"..
Aswad only laughing a tme..Sabar jela..
Dengan beraninya,Saya berenang ke tengah lagi..
Nasib bertuah hari ini,ternampak gamat/timun laut secara live..Berwarna kehitam-hitaman
After snorkling,Najeya and I canoeing..
Sebelum kami berkayak,jurulatih itu beri penerangan dahulu..
Berbekal pengalaman di Kem PBSM dulu,x adalah susah mana kayak ni..
Walaupun x beri perhatian sangat semasa tunjuk ajar di Kem..
Yang sedihnya,pendayung kayak itu serupa kena gigit dengan jerung..
Tapi, tak ada pilihan lain..terima ajalah..
Semasa berkayak, Kami sempat lagi buat perancangan hendak pergi ke Coral Island..
Murid lelaki pula tengah sibuk berlumba antara satu sama lain..
Tengah keseronokan berkayak,cikgu lina panggil balik..
Masa setengah jam lagi yang tinggal,kami gunakan untuk mandi pantai sehingga pukul 12.30

Sudah selesai sahaja mandi pantai,cikgu lina ajak main Banana boat..
Mula2 ingat x nak basah, tetapi akhirnya lencun satu badan..
Naik banana boat kali kedua memang seram..
Sebelum bermula,Pak Cik Boat 2 ber amaran awal2 lagi..
Dari gembira bertukar serius..
Masa banana boat tu terbalik,hampir lemas rasanya...
sbb gerangan siapa entah yang hempap atas kepala..
Maklumlah masing2 tengah panik..
But this is new experience..very horror experience..
After swam at the beach until our face dark,I went to near market with Lina and shud..
Di prtengahan jalan,terserempak dengan cikgu ros dan hanan..
Jadi joinlah sekali makan dengan diorang..
Lina belanja minum sebab x bawa beg dompet..
THANK YOU ALOT..Lain kali jangan lupa belanja lagi...
Berbual dengan cikgu Rosliza dan Hanan...
Cikgu ros ada berkata dua quota yang membuatku fikir secara mendalam..

Sayangkan pergi berjalan2 pakai tudung,tetapi bila mandi laut tanggalkan tudung 2
Cikgu sentiasa berdoa,agar ALLAh sendiri mendidik orang yang cikgu tak dapat didik lagi

At that night,all of us was very exhausted...
sehinggakan makan barbeque tak berselera lagi..
Walaupun makananya sedap(udang ,ayam,udang galah dan banyak lagi)

The end of the day,we all went to market cause Fathin wanted to buy sotong gula..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The second day..

22 november 2009.AHAD

Bertolak lepas solat subuh.kira2 dalam pukul 6.30 pagi jugalh..
Turun jew masa solat subuh,ternampaklah una dan fathin..
Awal2 lagi diorang dah sampai..
Pergi dengan bas sekolah yang serupa pak cik uzur..
Tapi x mengapalah..
Perjalanan lama,kira2 lima jam*agaknya
In the bus,all of the student including teachers did their own thing..
Maklumlah,pagi2 lagi,masing2 tengah mamai..
Tengah2,hampir terlena..tiba2 terdengar perbualan yang merutun jiwa*cewah
Menyelesaikan segala kekusutan selama ini..
I heard clearly cause those people sat next to me..
either they didnt care or they dont realize about it..*dont knowlah..
We stop in R&R to relax and ate food who cook by Sir Sam*huh,x sangka sir pandai masak
In the bus,I wished the journey can be short..
cause it was so boring..
In Jeti lumut,we took a picture..

Sungguh terharu apabila ada seorang petugas tolong kami mengangkat beg..
but the funny thing is when syafiq complained to us..
he said"tak aci doh ,pak cik itu tolong angkat perempuanya beg sahaja"
I answered"sebab beg kitaorang berat"
Syafiq,"beg akupun berat gak.."
Picture on ferry..

From left;ck.Nurul,ck.lina and ck.Rosliza

Akhirnya,tiba juga di tempat penginapan kami..
Sesampai je disana, sebilangan murid ting.2 dah mula merungut..
"cikgu laksanakn x seperti yang dijanjikan.inilah..itulah .."
Kami hanya mendengar sajalah apa yang dirungutkan..
We all felt very grateful because we stayed in the same room..
Apabila dah berkumpul ramai2, tiba2 rasa nak mandi pantai sama2..
Unlucky for us,our teacher suddenly came to our room..
with the kind-hearted,we asked for permission..
The answer : x boleh,lepas ni ada program lain..
Yang sedihnya, masing2 dah bersiap... usually,after teacher move out from our room some of my friend said
" x kisah nak mandi juga"
Always so stuborn,right..?
Petang itu,sebahagian daripada kami pergi snorkling di sebuah pulau yang berdekatan..
Mula2 memang nervouslah sebab ini adalah pertama kali ..
Sebelum ini hanya melihat orang snorkling daripada jauh sahaja..
In the night,there were nothing 2 do..
So,we all went to the market next to the chalet..

x sangka hari begitu cepat berlalu

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My precious memory..

Sayonara..rasanya dah hampir seminggu x mengupdate blog nie..
Al-maklumlah busy with all the works..
chores,vacation dan macam-macam lagilah..
Ini pun baru balik dari A Famosa ,Melaka..

About my last year vacation in Pangkor Island..

21 november,Saturday

Semua pelajar dikehendaki bermalam di sekolah..
Memandangkan kami semua hendak bertolak dari sekolah pada pukul 5 pagi..
WOW!!This is my first time travel at this hour..haha..
Jadi,kami dengan rela hati tidurlah di sekolah pada malam itu..
Sebelum bertolak..
Tengah2 sibuk berkemas,sempat lagi melayari Internet..
Lastly,terkocoh2 hendak kemas semua barang..
Tengah sibuk berkemas,ibu pula suruh listkan semua barang..
Dalam hati"aduhai,dahlah tengah kelam kabut,disuruhnya lagi buat benda2 macamnie"
Bertolak dalam pukul 10.30 mlm
Memang sengaja bertolak lambat,sbb ingatkan ramai lagi yang x sampai..
When reached at school,I saw Hanan.najeya.shuhadah waited for me..
but,I dont see Lina..I'm so worried..
Manalah budak nie pergi malam2 buta nie...
Rupa2nya dia pergi kedai dengan mak dia..
huh,nasib baik tak panggil ustaz atau polis..
Ingatkan kena culik dengan putera Bunian..
Malam itu juga,kami tidur dengan pelajar lain..
Pelajar dari PKPIM (ada program disitu)..
Ada yang dari Sabah dan yang paling dekat dari Kuala Lumpur..
Memandangkan masing2 dah lapar,Kami semua makanlah makanan di Kantin...
Apabila dah habis makan,tiba2 cik.Ros datang..
Dia tanya"awk semua dah minta izin dgn tuan makanan k blm..??"
We all like"WHAT?????"
Semua baru tersedar..
Dgn muka panik,Saya kata dengan Hanan,"hanan,macamani..??"
Haha..Hampir tergelak apabila Hanan kata dengan selamba"diorang mesti izinkan sbb kalo diorang nak
makanan itu mesti dah habis"
Oh,betul juga 2..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Now :packing for trip to Pangkor Island..

Hari ini menjelang juga..Hari graduarion untuk pelajat tingkatan tiga dan darjah enam..Memandangkan hari ini adalah first time diadakan..
Kami memang gembira sakan lah hari ini..
Tetapi yang sedihnya..Izzati x dapat pergi..
I go to the auditorium with my mother only..
Why..??because my father go to Sabah..
Adik - beradik yang lain tak pergi sebab ibu takkasi pergi cause takut diorang boring semasa dengar ucapan..ialah budak-budakkan.??
kami bertolak dalam pukul 7.56 sebab I tought the program start at 8.30 ..
rupa-rupanya pukul 9.oo..jadi tak kisahlah..
Sampai je disana,saya tengok ramai pelajar dah berkumpul..
cuak juga..dalam hati kata,"eh, aku dah lambat ke..??"
Rupa-rupanya tak..
Semua pelajar dikehendaki bekumpul di luar dan hanya ibu bapa sahaja dibenarkan masuk..
so,I took this oppurtunity to take picture with my friend..

Bergambar dengan cikgu Faezah(guru geografi).Seorang cikgu yang jarang memarahi anak muridnya..LOVE YOU TEACHER..

Dari kiri:Hasif.Aswad(tokoh pelajar).Aiman.Asyraf..
Susah betul nak ambil gambar diorang nie..
Demand mengalahkan artis..huhu..

Bergambar bersama guru tersayang..
Tudung merah jambu:cikgu Rosliza a.k.a Mummy
Bersongkok:ustaz nazzil aka Daddy
Panggilan ni semua kawanku,Izzati yang mulakan dahulu..
Pada hari itu, dia dengan beraninya memanggil GPK sahsiah kitaorang daddy..huhu..
Tetapi ust.nazzil tersenyum sahaja..
Jgn cemburu yek..

Bergambar di tangga..

Sekian shaja..

p/s:For student abinm,tingkatan 3,sesiapa nak gmbar lagi..jangan lupa on YM ye..ataupun add di

Thursday, November 19, 2009

+Today is..&heart;

Hari ini adalah khamis,19.nov.2009.
A lot of interesting thing happen today..
First,today is last day for all of us in this lovely school..
Walaupun sedih bagai nak mati ..haha.. bahasa kasarnya..tetapi tetap kena tinggalkan juga..
inilah tempat ku membesar sejak hingusan hingga belasan tahun..
Banyak perkara yang dah berlaku...
Daripada perkara baik hinggalah perkara yang kurang baik..
Bersahabat,bergelak ketawa,menangis, marah, bergaduh,bengang dan lain-lain lagi pernah dialami..My school,you know,it is very hard for me to leave you alone..

hari ini juga adalah hari yang paling bersejarah bagi darjah enam
Kerana hari ini adalah penentu hala tuju mereka..
Macam-macam emosi telah aku lihat..
Ada yang menangis,tersenyum,menangis gembira..macam2 lagilah
Seramai 28 orang yang mendapat 5A dalam peperiksaan ini..
Bagi yang berjaya tahniahlah diucapkan,bagi yang tak...tidak mengapalah..
Rezeki kamu bukan disini..

Semasa ambil keputusan tu,Lina dah berasa gelabah..
Perasaan saya..sudah semestinya 'nervous'..
Bagi murid darjah enam, terlepaslah beban mereka selama ini..
Well, adik2 jangan lupa ya,SPM & Pmr ada lagi..
HAHA(evil laughter)..
Tetapi kamu semua boleh bertenang dahulu..
Ada lagi 2 tahun..Enjoy
Seperti yang dijangkakan,dik aishah,arifa,amira.wani dan ramai lagi dapat 5a..
dalam hati"huh,aku dah agak dah,tak payah cakap pun dah tahu.."

Pada hari ini juga ada rehearsel untuk majlis graduasi..
Wah..cepatlah teruja betul..
yelah,first timelah katakan.Walaupun kita belum lagi bergelar pelajar Ipt..
Tetapi yang menyedihkan ialah semua pelajar kategori cemerlang dapat hadiah lebih daripada dua,tetapi saya..
Terutamanya tokoh pelajar ..
well,saya tahu,cikgu sudah tentu pilih rakan ku yang seorang itu eventhough dia tak nak..
Pada mulanya,memang rasa sedih sangat,kecewa pua nada, cemburu pun ada.
Macam2 sifat mazmumah lagilah..
Doaku"ya Allah,mungkin ini adalah balasan bagi diriku yang banyak buat onar,maafkanlah diriku,jadikanlah diriku sepertin akhlaknya wahai tuhanku.."
Saya kecewa bukan sebab apa..
harapan ibubapa untuk melihat anaknya berjaya dan membuatkanya bangga..
huaha(tangisan kesedihan)
walaubagaimanpun,bila difikirkan balik,pilihan cikgu sememangnya tepat (tetapi yang lelaki
itu tak tahulah)
Tokoh pelajar lelaki sepatutnya pilih orang lain,tetapi disebabkan si 'A' ni ..
ada beberapa perangai yang tidak menepati kriteria..
kenalah pilih yang si 'kaka' nie..
itulah orang kata rezeki di tangan tuhan..

Setelah melalui pelbagai peristiwa yang melibatkan emosi..
akhirnya ada juga perkara yang menggembirakan..
(I'm very eager,excited and must tell you all)(kena2 cerita juga..bukan nak menunjuk..)
I've got CAMERA from my father,I dont even care it is very outdated or long as I got it for Pulau Pangkor..
It make me dont need to bring the big canon CAMERA which belongs to my father..

p/s:my hand is shaking because it was long post..