Friday, December 4, 2009

Fantastic Quiz..

1)Which teenNick family is your family..??

Sav and Alli's family from Degrassi
Like the Bhandaris, your family is very traditional, but you have a rebellious side. Your parents would probably love to plan out every detail of your life -- from choosing your college to choosing your future spouse. If you're anything like Sav and Alli, you react to your parents' overbearing ways by making your own decisions as often as possible. You'll date who you want, wear what you want, and do your best to stay strong through every parental clash that comes your way.

2)Which decade were you meant for...??

The '50s
Modern life in America really took off in the '50s. Electric appliances made everyone's lives easier. And stuff like cars, television, and phones were a normal part of life. Even as everyone was excited about the new developments though, there was still a public emphasis on proper behavior and courtesy. We think you could probably appreciate that.

3)How girly are you..??

You're somewhat girly.
You're into girly stuff, but you probably wouldn't label yourself "girly," because you like lots of not-so-girly stuff, too. The great thing about this middle category is that you can blend in with either group (the girlies, and the not-so-girlies) without feeling out of place. Your friends know they can call you with last minute plans, because you don't need hours to get ready to go. You might wear nail polish, but you don't freak out if it gets a little chipped. Most of the time, you're relaxed about your looks, but you girl it up on special occasions.

4)Which style star are you...??
You're Jessica Alba!
Like Jessica Alba at the Fantastic Four premiere, you command attention in dresses that make you look (and feel) like a goddess. That flowy, low-cut style may have been around for thousands of years, but on Jessica, it feels up-to-date and sexy -- and we think it would do the same on you. Even if Jessica's golden gown isn't exactly your kind of thing, you probably appreciate the powerful, glamorous image it conveys. You may not be royalty, but when you talk, people listen... especially when you're talking about fashion.

5)Are you indie or hollywood..??

You're a little bit indie, a little bit Hollywood.
You're like an indie film that gets picked up by a big distributor because it has mass appeal. You appreciate the weird and unusual things in life, and strangers find you intriguing. You're different, but not in a way that freaks people out. You realize it's possible to be creative and make money, even if it that occasionally means adapting your original vision.

6)Which TeenNick guy is your dream date..??

Can you even imagine going out with Degrassi's Jimmy? Not only is he the kind of guy your girl friends would drool over and your guy friends would like to hang with, but your family would even love it when he came over for dinner. That's not an easy combo to pull off, but Jimmy somehow manages.

7)How rebellious are you..??

You have rebellious thoughts, but you tend to keep them in your head. You love that voting booths are private, because you like expressing how you feel without having to explain those feelings to other people. You sometimes go along with the crowd rather than stirring up trouble, but that doesn't mean you necessarily agree with what they say. When you're angry or frustrated, you tend to whisper your feelings to a rebellious friend in the hopes that he/she will feel the same and get the message out.

8)who were you in past life...??

You might've been a schoolgirl in Salem.
If you feel pressure to act a certain way, and you're reluctant to get close to people, it might mean that in a past life, you were a schoolgirl in Salem, Massachusetts. During the 1600s, a random accusation was a very powerful thing, and could even get someone burned at the stake for witchcraft. In this life, you seem very cautious about trusting people -- are you worried they'll turn against you later? Don't let your past-life self hold you back. Put that worried little girl to bed, and be glad you grew up in modern times.