Thursday, December 3, 2009

Now.I know the truth..

Its very sad day when people always thought they're right..
Very2 sad..
Fyi,your comment I am very appreciated because this show you concerned what I wrote..
But I beg you pleaselah..
If your somebody that I can meet daily..
Tell me face to face..
I more appreciated it than you write behind my back..
Oh you know,As a human, I also have a feeling..
and I admited I was touched not because you took her from me..
(I know I the one who wrote it)
Like I'm say the date when I post it was expired..
Now,I know,why people acted like that..
Selepas fikir masak2, its her choice..
Like I said,this is my blog and you must have not read the description
(the blog is about what I feel,what I wanted and my experience)
and please I dont want to argue cause I know thats no point to argue about it..
Actually, I sad with myself..
cause I feel like why I wanted to be friend with her so much and why I can enjoyed with what I have..
Adakah ini balasan sebab aku x hargai apa yang aku ada sebelum ini..
Now,I got the redeem..
Fyi,that post I wrote when I feel very dissapointed..
Nak luahkan juga tapi tak tahu nak luahkan dimana..
dan I dont have intended to publish it actually..
But ada kebaikanya juga kini saya tahu kebenaranya..
Lama kelamaan juga sayadapat rasa,Hazirah please dont feel her special 2 you..
I always never get the friend I wanted..
No wonder lah she treated me like this..
If you want to take her,now you can have her..
Maybe its my false tuduh yang bukan2..
And fyi,I know you dah berbaik dengan dia..
cuma tak tulis sahaja..
and I dont care if you showed the relationship or not!!!!!!!I truly dont care...

And for the other guy,Hey!!!!!!!!!You tought I dont know who are you..
HEy!!!!!Pleaselah..Like I said I appreciated you comment..
but you must know how to behave properly...
apa kau tak belajar sivik di sekolahke..??
sibuk2 masuk blog orang lain nak belasah orang sesuka hati jer..
Aku bukan sibuk hal engkau..nak tahu hal engkau ..
yeww..engkau x termasuk dalam senarai aku pun..
suka2 je nak mencarut kat orang lain..
Hey!!!!!This is a storylah....or my comment..
x ingin pun cerita pasal engkau...
I wrote because theyre my classmate..
dahlah x ada sivik,manners pun x ade..pengecut lagi2...
eh,aku x takutlah dengan engkau...

Fyi,Saya x berniatpun nak laga2 kan siapa..pihak sesiapa..baik shud mahupun haziqah ataupun hanan...
you're my friend and if you dont want friendship what can I say